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Unelefante Chocolate

Founded in Mexico City by former jewellery designer Tatiana Sanchez, Unelefante is a gift shop with an eclectic team that includes a tea sommelier, a botanist and a poet. Striving to 'transform the ordinary into extraordinary experiences', Unelefante offers a whimsical variety of items including festive balloons, stationery, art and culinary wonders. Its range of chocolate bars, curated by local chef Jorge Llanderal, is especially extraordinary, both a visual and gastronomical delight. The bars use a base of Columbian Tumaco cocoa, and are enriched with surprising combinations of ingredients such as pasilla peppers, milk candy, curry powder and sea salt. We have our eyes on the Pollock-inspired bar, a 54 per cent cocoa Misterio concoction that serves as a blank canvas for chocolate cocoa butter renditions of the eponymous painters’...

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Si encuentras una liga rota en este sitio, avísanos en quiero@unelefante.mx y recibe un cupón de descuento.